The Veterinary Clinic of pet animals is run by a very experienced, competent veterinarian. Together with the energetic, skilled and friendly veterinary assistants, they form a close and dynamic team.

Upon reservation you and your pet will enter the beautifully renovated porch of the farm. After entering the spacious waiting room, you will be welcomed by the receptionist, who will have a first entry interview prior to your visit with the veterinarian. We always strive to minimize the waiting time, but it is always possible that a treatment takes longer than expected. So please take this in consideration.

Our practice offers a broad variety of medical care.

The most imported ones are listed here below.

Professional and clinical examination to possible causes of the ailment.

Annual consultations: e.g. Check-up’s, deworming cure, advices, vaccinations, etcetera.

Radiology and ultrasound.

Comprehensive dental care.

`Smaller ‘surgical operations: e.g. Sterilisations and castrations, removal of nasty lumps, removal of  benign growths, etcetera.

Laboratory for: e.g. Blood-, bacteriologic-, urine- and faeces examination.

Regarding these last ´smaller´ surgical operations, one needs to be aware of the following. How ever extensive our medical package is, it remains a so-called primary care. In Germany this implies that if your pet requires specialistic medical care, for example orthopaedic, dermatologic or surgical treatment, you will have to see a specialist. We will help you referring to the just and well known to us specialists.

We understand all too well it is a big thing to have to take your animal to a specialist. We will help you anywhere we can to lead the way.

Veterinary Clinic Horsmans knows how important your animal is to you. After listening carefully to your description of the ailment, we will take our time for a thorough preliminary examination. Based on the diagnostics, we will try and present you a cost-analyses, whereafter and not before your approval, we will begin the treatment.

In case the healing of your pet requires any kind of aftercare, we can discuss on how this could be arranged. In consultation with each other there is so much more possible, often way more than you think.

Nothing but the best care is good enough for your animal..!