Veterinarian Drs. Ben Horsmans has surely earned his credits in the international world of equestrian sports. You will find a lot more about him on each of the social media links at the bottom of the webpages.

The horses clinic offers a broad variety of medical care. As you may well know this is quit a package when it comes to horses.

The most important ones are listed here below.

Preventive health care (prophylaxis): a.o. vaccination, chipping, dental-, blood- and manure examination.

Lameness, injuries, respiratory- and skin problems.

Examinations (also for sales and purchases), both clinical and radiographic.

Dental care.

Gynaecology, i.e. pregnancy control and pregnancy guidance.

Foal care.

Radiology, ultrasound and bronchoscopy.

Laboratory: Blood-, bacteriological-, urine- and manure examination

Competition horses guidance, nationally and internationally.

E.I. tasks. (Treating Veterinarian + Official Veterinarian).

We know how important your animal is for you. Together with you, we will take our time for a thorough premedical examination, in order to establish a proper diagnose. Based upon this diagnose we will suggest a treatment. Then, as accurately as we possibly can, we will present you a cost-analyses. After your approval we will begin the treatment as soon we can.

How well extensive our medical care package may be, it remains primary care. In Germany that means that if your horse requires specialist care, like e.g. orthopaedical, cardiologic or dermatologic care, you will have to see a specialist. We will help you referring to the just and well known to us specialists. They are situated in the Netherlands, Germany and in Belgium. That way, of course depending on the status of your animal, you will have a relatively wide range to choose from.

In case the diagnose requires, we can guide your horse in a follow-up care. In consultation with each other there is so much more possible, often way more than you think.

Nothing but the best care is good enough for your animal..!