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Bahrain   WK  2005
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Welcome  to  the World  Championship Endurance  for   Juniors  and   Young riders  2005  in   Bahrain. !!!!

In Jan. 2005,  the World Championship for Endurance Seniors was organised in Dubai

On Saturday December 17,  2005,  the World Championship for Juniors and Youngriders took place at the International Endurance Village in the Bahrain desert

The Kingdom of Bahrain was hosting this Championship

All the European horses flew from Maastricht Airport on december 1 and 2 with special charters straight to Bahrain.

On dec 1 the first  horses were leaving for Bahrain and it was said that the opening ceremony for this Championship would take place at the famous  Formule 1 Racecourse !!!!!!!!

Where can You find Bahrain
   It´s  an island near Qatar and near Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. Close to the Arabe United Arab Emirates. Flying time from Amsterdam is about 8 hours and the time difference is 2 hours (ahead) !!

During the period I myself was in Bahrain, working as a Team Veterinarian for the Dutch Team (especially from the 10th  until the 19th of december 2005)

You can follow a "life" report with pictures here on this page about this  World Championship in the desert. !!!!

Dutch Team
with the 3 riders Carmen, Caro and Jarmila with the Team officials at the Press-presentation on november 20. 

!!!!!!   First report  from the World Championship Bahrain 2005    !!!!!!!!!!

On december 1,  40 horses left Maastricht - Aachen airport in the Netherlands for the 8 hour flight to Bahrain. On this first flight, very well organised by Peden Bloodstock International, most of the horses were the night before stalled at the wel-equiped airport horseboxes.  Horses came from Sweden, Russia, Uruguay, Brasil, Spain, Belgium and Holland and a lot of other countries. The horses from Uruguay and Brasil f.i. came after a 17 hours flight to Frankfurt  by horsetruck to Maastricht.  Nearly all of the horses were in a very good shape and it seemed they liked their stay on the airport for a night. It was amazing to see how f.i. the Russian horses after a very long journey by lorry were carrying a very very tick hair coat, due to the cold weather in Russia and f.i.the horses from Uruguay and Brasil were carrying a real thin skin because of their high temperature athome.

The Dutch horses surrounded by there owners just before  loading.

Peden  Bloodstock International famous for his professional horse transport did a very good job.
About 20 wel experienced Peden grooms were looking after the horses.

Dutch owner, Lei Römer with Fadhila waiting for the time to come and walking inside the 50 stall big horsestable at the airport in Maastricht.

The experienced grooms really knew how to handle horses !!

Horses were loaded near the stable-yard and close to the airplane and starting their first take-off inside a closed horsebox.

At the airplane entrance unloading the horses and walking inside, like real passengers and showing great confidence in their grooms. Al the horses were shipped (inside the plane) without blankets etc because of the comfortable plane temperature.

Like  normal airplane passengers, waiting until they will be seated and following the instructions from their stewards.
On the floor of the plane, special soft walking surface for the welbeing of the passengers !!
Several horses had been taped  their shoes because of the risk to loose a shoe during the flight 

This is a common advise when horses are shipped by plane   

Building their businessclass boxes and waiting for the time to come. All the passengers (horses) were provided with a snack (haynet) and were given a drink (plain water).

One passenger to the other: did we order a window seat or not. Exactly the same as a regular flight: One passenger is flying for the first time and looking around because everything is new and exciting. The other passenger, the frekwent-flyer starts sleeping, right away ! !

After the horses went on route, a second flight on dec 2 did the same transport to Bahrain with another 40 horses from all different countries. 

Bahrain, december 2. 2005 Arriving of the horses in the Endurance Village in the Bahrain desert and in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere..........

Caro de Boer belonging to the  Dutch team, waiting infront of the stableyard

This is the place where everything will be done....

On sunday morning, dec 10, 2005, most of the crew arrived in Bahrain for starting their job

We first cheked all our horses and evaluated the last week

We also had a look at the Endurance Village which was still under construction

A view at the top of the Endurance Village with our chef d´equipe Mechteld

A very stricktly stable-security was handeled because of the Quarantine rules.

A look at the vetgates

Close to the Endurance Village the world famous Formula 1 Circuit is settled. A very spectacular race course on which dec 15 the official opening of our World Championship was organised. On the day of the opening a big car-race was also organised where we all were invited.

During the late evening we also had to visit the local downtown market of the capitol of Bahrain

The next day we followed by car the training of all of our three horses. They all showed to be real atlets on their daily training route of about 25 km in a good speed.

Because of our sponsor  Cavalor  we were all proud to use their high quality horsefood and their high quality sportsjackets

Caro de Boer hidding and enjoying life in the Bahrain desert.

At the end of monday dec 12, when Caro arrived at the stableyard the King of Bahrain came by and looked how everything was going on  

Jarmila on route in the middle of ......  but still on schedule......!

Next to her chef d´equipe job, Mechteld also used some massage to keep their muscles in a good shape

On dec 17, 2005 at 05h in the morning, on this place the start took place, for the 120 km World Championship